10 Best Tile Cutter Tools in the Market

10 Best Tile Cutter Tools

Have you ever tried to cut tiles only to have the tiles break apart completely? The end result is the tile going straight to trash.

Nobody likes to waste tile. They’re expensive and the more scrap tile you have, the more expensive your project is going to be.

That’s why we’ve reviewed the top 10 best tile cutter tools on the market. By reading this article you will find which ones are up to task to get the job done.

Below are the best tile cutters for your next tile project:

QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheel for Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

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Best tile cutter tools - QEP 10630Q 24-InchThe first tile cutter on this list we think should be a part of a tile installer’s arsenal is the QEP 10630. It’s very portable because this thing only weighs around 16.2 pounds. It also had a rubber grip that made it easy to use. The wide platform allowed us to place tiles and glass panes with ease. We know we had to slide the tiles under the chrome-plated steel rails but at least it’s stable. 

When it comes to actually using it, the steel rails were very helpful in making a score across the tile. We just had to slide the scorer in one sweep before taking the tile off and snapping it into two. We were not surprised the tile didn’t move that much because the rubberized pads on the platform were able to provide grip. For additional stability, we slid the cutting table extension outwards. This allowed us to secure the sides of the tile while scoring it with marks prior to snapping.

This tile cutter tool’s handle is ergonomic. The bicycle grip style makes it easy to apply pressure – I was able to score the tiles with the least amount of effort needed. It works on both ceramic and porcelain tiles. The carbide tip on the cutting blade makes the cuts clean and precise, without leaving any chips or debris from the tiles. I also noticed there’s a neat little window for checking alignment prior to making the scores.

Cutting the tiles didn’t take us more than 30 seconds. There were a few batches of tile left so we enjoyed scoring lines on the rest of the tiles. The sharpness of the cutting saw on this tile cutter tool is so sturdy that even after several tiles cuts, it still performs well. If in any case the blade gets dull, there’s always a replacement wheel blade which we think should speed up the process of cutting ceramic or porcelain.

There are many tile cutter tools in the market and this is one of the best ones.

QEP 10220Q 20" Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Cutter with 1/2" Cutting Wheel

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Best tile cutter tools - QEP 10220Q 20 InchWe were looking for alternatives to the ergonomic, bicycle-handle type tile cutters and found the QEP 10220Q 20”. Most of the tile cutter’s we’ve seen before feature straight bar type handles which is also found on the QEP 10220Q. 

The best tile cutter doesn’t also have to be the heaviest. The QEP10220Q is on the lighter end of the scale with 7 pounds. It was partly due to its build material of rubber and metal that makes it portable. This tile cutter is easy to transfer from place to place. We had stacks of tile in another part of the room so instead of bringing the tiles to the tile cutter, we simply had to move the tool closer to it.

We’ve gotten used to our good ol’ feet and inches and the QEP10220Q makes use of the imperial measurement system. When we first used the QEP, we thought that manual cutting would take a lot of effort but the carbide tip on the wheel blade made it easy to score lines on the tiles.

The QEP is ideal for straight manual cuts and it would take some creativity to make diagonal or complicated cuts on tiles. This is easy to achieve if we had enough time to find out how to fit the tiles onto the board in such a way it would be possible, but we’d leave the more complicated process to other tile cutters. The QEP excels in making straight cuts efficiently. 

Applying pressure on manual tile cutters is also tricky – too much and it will break the tiles or too less of any will not help breaking the tiles cleanly. The QEP 10220Q comes equipped with a pressure piece to control the amount of pressure we exert on the wheel blade. For its price, the QEP 10220Q is an excellent tile cutter.

Goplus 24 Inch Manual Tile Cutter, Professional Porcelain Ceramic Floor Tile Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheel and Removable Scale

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Best tile cutter tools - Goplus 24 InchThe first time we saw the Goplus 24 Inch Manual Tile Cutter, we thought it was a work of art. It comes in bright orange with highlights of silver reminiscent of CAT construction vehicles. Its solidly built too. We checked out the components and they were firmly held by heavy duty screws. It just doesn’t look sturdy, it’s actually made of iron. This means the item could be heavier than it’s stainless steel counterparts. At almost 20 pounds, it’s the heaviest one on this list by far. 

We tried cutting the large 12×24 tiles and it fits perfectly over the platform. There’s a black rubber strip across the metal platform and we didn’t have to worry about the tiles moving too much when sliding the wheel blade across. The handle is also ergonomic. If we were to compare this to the QEP10220Q, it has a more stable and streamlined shape. The curved handle enabled us to apply the right amount of pressure for scoring the tiles. There’s also a 4.5 inch allowance on the handle so people with big hands can still use this with ease.

The whole platform length is about 32 inches long and 6.7 inches wide, but the width didn’t stop us from placing the massive 12×24 inch tiles. For added stability, we used the platform extensions attached on the sides of the tile cutter tool. To prevent the whole platform from sliding off the floor, rubber material is also placed on the corners beneath. No more miscut tiles!

If the QEP10220Q had a small window for us to check the alignment, the Goplus tile cutter has removable rulers. We didn’t have to adjust the tiles creatively because the Goplus also allows for angled cuts of up to 60 degrees. To make this possible there’s also smooth railings that will not interfere with sliding the wheel blade across the tiles. 

Seeutek 40 Inch Manual Tile Cutter With Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheel for Porcelain Ceramic Floor Tile W/Adjustable Laser Guide Spared Cutting Wheel

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Best tile cutter tools - Seeutek 40 InchWe couldn’t stop ourselves saying expletives to how amazing this tile cutter is. The Seeutek is a high-tech (not over-the-top high tech) precision tool for cutting ceramics and porcelain. For the measurements, this tool is long enough to allow for 40” tiles to be cut. It’s heavier compared to the Goplus, with a weight of about 26 pounds. It’s not exactly portable but we had the arm strength required to set it down and slide it across the room. 

It’s a modern-looking tool that should also function well as a wet tile saw. The Seeutek has components in fountain blue, akin to kids’ space-themed toys. The Seeutek’s best feature we love is it’s laser-guided precision. The laser light runs across the same direction the wheel blade goes. 

With regards to it’s cutting ability, we tested tiles with various thickness. We started with 6mm thick ceramic tiles. It was very easy to score the surface of the tile with the ergonomic handle. We tried thicker tiles and the wheel blade easily cut across. We did have to rest our hands for a bit but there was no excessive wrist pain.

As if the laser wasn’t enough for accuracy, the Seeutek also has a slide measure to make sure the tile is aligned prior to cutting it with the wheelblade. We appreciate the fact the manufacturer for Seeutek included the old method of aligning tiles. We’re still used to manual methods for aligning, and it has the added feature of stabilizing the tile.

There’s a layer of rubber over the platform to help grip the tile. Even if we had already made 20 tile cuts, there’s not too many debris on the platform. That meant we weren’t applying too much pressure on the tile. We could probably thank the high-polished chrome rails for making it easy to slide the cutter. We suggest wetting the tiles first so bits and pieces don’t come off as much. It’s dustless if done this way too.

CO-Z Manual Tile Cutter for Ceramic Tiles or Porcelain Tiles| For Professional, DIY, or Weekend Warriors| Adjustable Laser Guide for Precision Cutting| Anti-Skid Feet| Ergonomic Handle (40 inch)

Our rating

Best tile cutter tools - CO-Z Manual Tile CutterThis tile cutter tool is long enough to allow 40 inch tiles to be mounted on the platform. It also has enough space to allow a minimum of 1.38 inch tiles to be cut. We’re just going to say that this tile cutter looks a lot like another brand famous for its laser-guided precision. Imitation is not a bad thing but let’s see how it performs.

We factor in portability for these types of tools because they’re generally light. The CO-Z however isn’t that too heavy. It weighs close to 10 kilos, or 27 pounds to be exact. It’s built sturdy – a good 80% of the components are made from steel. 

The wide platform has a rubber mat to allow grip on the tiles. There’s also a slide measure that provides ease for alignment and acts as a secondary stabiliser when we mounted the tiles onto the platform. There’s also anti-skid extensions on the sides, which were extremely useful on slippery surfaces like a wet tile floor. 

Cutting tiles on this tool was easy. We read from the product packaging that the wheel blade is manufactured with a hard alloy. It doesn’t specify though, and we’re just going to assume this is some high-stress, high-speed tool steel. It does its job well and we didn’t have any problems with tile breakage. The cuts were pretty consistent thanks to the polished steel rails. 

There’s also the laser. We were going to talk about that. It does remind us of Seeutek. But in terms of tool performance, we’re going to say that CO-Z at least approaches Seeutek in terms of price-performance ratio. 

The CO-Z’s wheel blade performance is consistent. After making several tile cuts, it does wear down on the sharpness. It does take a lot of tile cuts before getting to this point.

QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Manual Tile Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheel for Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Our rating

Best tile cutter tools - QEP 10900Q 35-InchWe have another good product from QEP. This is the bigger version of the 10630. Despite the size difference, this product only weighs somewhere close to 23 pounds. Most of the components of this product are made of alloys, which surprised us because the Goplus tile cutter weighs almost the same but it’s made of cast iron. The similarity in weight may be because of the size difference – the QEP has more length. 

As with any standard tile cutter, the QEP 10900Q also has a rubberized platform. This helps lock the tile in place. There’s also extensions on the side to give the platform a wider area for larger tiles. We simply had to swing it back in place after using the 10900Q. There’s a straight edge built into the platform. One of the best tile cutters will always have an allowance for diagonal cuts and the QEP10900Q does have enough space to position the tile for this type of cut. One of the good things about its platform length is it can accommodate more than 35 inches of tile size, further reinforcing the fact that this can allow for diagonal cuts.

The QEP has smooth stainless steel railings that helped with cutting. Sliding the wheel blade across tiles requires consistent pressure. We had to make sure we weren’t overexerting or under exerting because this affects how the tiles will look like. 

We’ve done tile cutting so many times we can tell if someone is using this tool incorrectly or not just by looking at the finished product. People new to tile cutting will expect chips and a somewhat ragged edge when they don’t use the 10900Q properly, or any type of tile cutter. 

The QEP10900Q is built strong. The parts don’t wobble too much and stability is assured because we tried removing the screws. We can’t really pass a judgment on whether this is bad but the fact that the screws are hard to remove means this product will last for a long time.

Mophorn 24 Inch Tile Cutter Single Rail Double Brackets Manual Tile Cutter 3/5 in Cap w/Precise Laser Manual Tile Cutter Tools for Precision Cutting (24 Inch)

Our rating

Best tile cutter tools - Mophorn 24 Inch Tile CutterWhat instantly stood out when we bought this tile cutter is its ample amount of length on the built-in ruler. Mophorn has the same color scheme as Seeutek and CO-Z, and also has the same laser-guided precision. We’d say this is one of the smaller versions of the two products. It’s also available in 39 inch and 47 inch variants.

What sets the Mophorn from the two products mentioned is the setup of the steel rails, or in this case, rail. The whole thing should be lighter because of the exclusion of two heavy duty stainless steel railings. We weren’t surprised when we found out this tile cutter tool only weighs 20 pounds. We think the aluminum build also plays a role in making this lightweight.

Assembly is required for this tile cutter. The screws aren’t difficult to position and once the pieces go together, the Mophorn looks compact. Instead of elevated feet at the corners, the Mophorn relies on its wide base for stability. If that isn’t enough, we also use the extensions on the side for tiles wider than 24×24. 

The cutting wheel also didn’t disappoint. We were using this to cut mosaic tiles and the textured surface on these tiles can pose a problem for most tile cutters, but not the Mophorn. The rubberised grip helped stabilize the pressure we were putting on the handle. 

The Mophorn also had a laser for precise cuts. This was useful when we were making diagonal cuts, it wasn’t all too perfect but we had enough pieces of diagonal ceramics to design the bathroom floor for a client. 

For repeated use, the cutting wheel remained sharp for several scores. We weren’t too worried about the resulting edges on the tiles because they looked clean and smooth. If we ever wanted to speed up the process, we can always skip the wet tile treatment, but this rarely happens and we usually prefer quality over quantity.

VEVOR Tile Cutter 39 Inch, Manual Tile Cutter All-Steel Frame, Tile Cutting Machine w/Laser Guide and Bonus Spare Cutter, Tile Cutter Hand Tool for Precision Cutting Porcelain Ceramic Floor Tiles

Our rating

Best tile cutter tools - VEVOR Tile Cutter 39 InchLooking at this tile cutter is a breath of fresh air. We wanted something different than the blues and blacks, so seeing green is refreshing. Call us shallow but design is something we appreciate on a tool, similar to how we like our bathroom tiles to be artistic.

The VEVOR tile cutter has a 39.4” allowable length to mount the tiles. We tried going for 40” and while it did fit, it was a little difficult to position. We did manage to get the tiles cut. They were 10mm thick but the cutting wheel allowed us to slice it clean. We scored the tile first prior to cutting and splitting it. The edges were smooth. 

During our attempts to cut as many tiles as possible, there was the occasional splinter from the ceramics but this was because we were not consistent in applying the pressure. We can only stress so much importance in the consistency of pressure applied when handling the cutting wheel because it affects how often little cracks will form on the tiles. 

Good thing the manufacturers included wheels on this tile cutter. It’s heavier than most of the tile cutters we’ve used previously. We didn’t have to carry it from one place to another. We just needed to tilt the whole tool on one side then drag it with the other. 

The platform is also rubberized – VEVOR will work well even if your tiles are wet. The paint is thick enough and should resist moisture from rusting the important parts, and we always wipe the wheel blade with a spare cloth before putting it away. 

One of the best things about the VEVOR tile cutter is how the extensions are made. With other tile cutters, they’re usually just small metal strips located at the sides but this one has a dedicated metal support on one side. There’s a single extension on the other but it still is stable.

VEVOR Tile Cutter 47 Inch, Manual Tile Cutter All-Steel Frame, Tile Cutting Machine w/Laser Guide and Bonus Spare Cutter, Tile Cutter Hand Tool for Precision Cutting Porcelain Ceramic Floor Tiles

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Best tile cutter tools - VEVOR Tile Cutter 47 InchThe VEVOR tile cutter we used before only allowed a maximum of 40” long tiles but this tool gives more space of 7” inches. Both of them come in the same signature green apple paint that resists rusting and the single rail design. When we were using the smaller VEVOR tile cutter tool, we thought it was lightweight because it didn’t use double railings but it turns out we were wrong. VEVOR didn’t disappoint us because this one still has its own set of wheels.

The railing on the VEVOR also has a small tank for oil to help the ball bearings slide smoother across. We thought this was very convenient because one of the most important things in a tile cutting tool is how smooth it can operate. The handle also was long enough but it did lack the curved design we preferred. People who do DIY projects on tile installation may not consider the handle but the shape affects the amount of pressure applied, and subsequently, the resulting cut. 

Mounted tiles are already stable but the laser pointer installed on the VEVOR helped us with alignment. There’s also several straight rulers made with rust-resistant aluminum. We tried using it for diagonal cuts and we got the same results if we were making straight cuts. The edges of the ceramic tiles were smooth and didn’t have any prominent cracks. Some tiles will really have small chipped off corners but this is because they’re dry. For anyone handling dryer tiles, we recommend dousing it in water, unless advised against.

All in all the VEVOR and its little brother do a consistent job of making the cuts and works with different kinds of tiling materials like porcelain, ceramic, glass, or coarse materials like thin granite tiles or marble-based, although for the latter it’s expected that they will not have the same smooth finish for the edges.

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Our rating

Best tile cutter tools - SKIL 7-Inch Wet Tile SawThe SKIL wet tile saw looks intimidating and we got fooled because of the size – this tile cutter only weighs around 17 pounds. The SKIL 3540 is a corded electric wet tile saw that works well in slicing tiles or bricks. It needs to be plugged in to a 120V power outlet.  

Despite the high base clearance of this power tool, it’s very stable. For people like us who don’t want accidents, we’d usually make custom fit attachments on its legs so it won’t move as much. The stainless steel top fits most 1×1 ft tiles, and the fence is also made of the same material like the platform. 

There’s a dedicated water reservoir to cool the blade down while it cuts through rock or hard tiles. It doesn’t matter if the cuts are diagonal or straight because we still got the same 7.5” cross cut. Cutting rocks and bricks didn’t produce any dust and all of it went to the water. The blade didn’t splash too much water, and if we could label the performance of the wheel blade, “quiet” could be a good one.

The wet tile saw blade is made with high-speed steel to resist overheating when cutting through the materials. We give it a breather every other minute because we don’t want the blades to get dull and to overheat. Although it’s a diamond blade, we wanted to make sure we didn’t have to replace the blades too often. It’s the best tile cutter for most materials since it’s automated.

There’s a limited amount of space on the water reservoir attached to the SKIL and what we did was to get a smaller hose and modded it to fit. We let the faucet run at low pressure and that helped in cooling down the blade longer. That meant we didn’t have to give it a breather too often.

Some tiles are difficult to cut with a manual tile cutter tool and that’s why we included this wet tile saw on this list. The best tile cutter tool doesn’t have to be a manual one. If you’re cutting small mosaic tiles, this is going to be a much better option.